GeoSelect FAQs

Does the grower purchase/lease the drone?

For GeoSelect to work it only needs a target map of a certain quality. How that map is captured is totally up to the individual. The grower can purchase their own drone/sensor, or they can contract this to a 3rd party service provider. Hardi Australia has no direct dealing with the image capture process, other than to state the outcome. There are multiple 3rd party drone/imagery service providers throughout Australia, and I believe some dealerships are looking into providing this service as well.

What’s the flight data capture ha/hr?

This entirely depends on the equipment being used to capture the imagery and what the local weather conditions are. With current technology and good weather conditions we are looking in the region of about 500Ha covered in a day per drone. Remember that image capture is most ideal around midday. If the grower is requiring more Ha per day, then service providers can supply 2 drones, therefore 1000Ha a day.