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Why choose GeoSelect?


Australian Designed and Manufactured

GeoSelect was fully designed in Australia, for the unique Australian conditions encountered . This means large paddock sizes, temperature extremes, dust ingression etc. 




A comprehensive spray record is recorded, allowing the operator to show proof of placement.

“Mixing international technology with tailored production is called ‘global made local’, and it underpins every aspect of HARDI production and customer service. ”




  • Less chemical on ground
  • Less chemical use means less chance of spray drift
  • Right amount of spray volume means overall machinery weight will be lower, reducing compaction
  • Less machinery fuel used means less carbon emitted, scope for when carbon pricing is introduced into the future 



  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Less machinery fuel costs because you are not driving it as far and also using the speed more efficiently. Also knowing how much spray volume is needed means you are only carrying the amount needed, further saving fuel costs on road and in paddock
  • Using the machinery less will reduce depreciation costs and allow a higher resale value into the future
  • Reduced labour times means less salary costs

Trials conducted by HARDI showed the selective program resulted in only 17.4 per cent of a paddock being sprayed, an 82.6pc saving on chemical compared to a blanket spray.



  • Less time needed to spray paddock compared to blanket spray
  • Time saved when skipping AB lines where there are no weeds present
  • Speed recommendations given prior to the specific areas allow the operator to speed up in light or no weed areas, and slow down in heavier areas



  • With the advent of on-boom positioning, including boom wings, positioning of spray application and timing is second to none. Something that is very important when targeting small areas with a wide boom width.
  • As the sprayer is working with the same resolution as the paddock was captured in, spray application can be targeted 

GeoSelect provides farmers with real-time information and suggestions on spraying practices, such as the optimum speed to drive at in certain parts of the paddock to achieve maximum efficiency and savings, or skipping certain run lines altogether due to absence of weeds in a particular area.



  • Know what is in the paddock before you get there. Decisions can be made prior to starting work, saving countless time.
  • Weed infestation areas can be identified and recommendations can be made as to what speed is optimal, saving time traversing spare weed areas. Something that is not possible using cameras.



  • Weed maps and spray records are best in class, and can be compared year on year. Imagine being able to go spraying later in the Summer spray season, and see what weeds were present in the last 1 or 2 sprays. See what weeds are persisting/resistant, and what is newly emerged.
  • A comprehensive spatial database can be made throughout the use of GeoSelect. Decisions might be made for other activities using the data gained by GeoSelect. 

GeoSelect produces a detailed map with weed locations and presents it to farmers before they even head into the paddock, which allows them to plan ahead. Farmers are able to make informed decision about how much chemical to mix, which areas to skip, and when to speed up or slow down.