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Simply Smarter Savings

By drone mapping weeds, GeoSelect can be guided by just four light weight GNSS locators on the boom.

Weeds are pinpointed and sprayed with centimetre accuracy, by factoring all the dynamic variables in real-time – and all without the extra weight, wiring, and vulnerability of a camera array. 

Plus you can continue spraying as long as the conditions allow, night or day. Intelligent software control also means the system can be upgraded simply and quickly, from scheduled updates to sophisticated unlocks for green-on-green weed control.  Upgrading from drone to manned aircraft or future satellite scanning service will be just as easy. 

And at the end of every job, the same data can be used to generate a comprehensive record of spraying times, volumes capability dating from drone or regular upgrades. 

It’s that smart – and that simple.

How much can you save on chemical cost?

With GeoSelect, by spraying only where required herbicide use and expenditure can be reduced by up to 90%. Let us show you how much you can save by filling in some fields.


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